What does your socks say about you?

Believe it or not your socks say a lot about you!

These are just some of the findings that weve picked up in a recent survey about socks targetted at men aged 18-40.

Do you remmber when Justin Bieber was spotted with mismatching bright socks? remember when Fearne Cotton was seen rocking ankle socks? remember when big socks startups are taking off or when people like Robert Kardashian starts his sock line.

Most men admit to having at least 20 odd pairs of socks. Black pairs, ankle socks, white socks etc.

These days there is such a wide variety of different sock designs available, you’ve got striped socks, polka dot, different coloured socks, socks with images on them, ankle socks, trainer socks, invisible socks etc!

But what do the different styles and designs say about the man wearing them? What do your socks say about you?


Well bright blocked color socks show you get things done in a serious manner, especially red ones! Red is for power and is a favorite with formal suits for meetings.


Patterned socks pretty much tell us that you’ve got a sense of adventure, they scream personality and this lets eveyrone knoe you’re not scared to show it. The type of person who wears patterened socks is probably  not scared to let their guard down and believes humour is a perk to any situation.

Stripey socks are worn by those who flirt a lot. They tell us you’re a bit more relaxed. They’re really popular for those who try get business deals, those who are creative and especially for those who are business savy!

Motif socks.. well these are worn by the type of person who isn’t scared of standing out from the crowd. However with that being said these people are the type who belong to a particular group. They like labalising themselves and attaching onto a group or club is a great way of doing that. These sort of socks are the sort for sporting events, social events and charity nights.

Black, brown, navy or grey are worn by the sort of people who recognise formal situations, they love being traditional and don’t see any other way. These are the sort of people who believe those colours are the go-to sock for any event and don’t agree with any other way. Every wardrobe requires a selection of these, well for most cases anyway. Its a basic essential for the mans wardrobe.

Odd socks, well these are worn by someone whos a bit care free or nor interested. They somehow still make a statement though!

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