It’s Time to Talk About Knitwear

Even though we do love summer, it is often true that it is much easier and simpler to dress during the cooler autumn and winter months. We don’t have to worry so much about sweating and roasting thanks to our fashion choices and can instead choose more practical and of course warmer pieces of clothing. One thing that you shouldn’t overlook is investing in some good knitwear pieces that will see you through pretty much from autumn to spring.

Knitwear is one area where the world of women’s fashion really excels and it’s true that within womenswear there is a staggering variety of range of knitted pieces from cardigans to sweaters to skirts, dresses and even coats. As with most things within the sphere of fashion, men’s knitwear tends to stick to more traditional lines but this does mean that it is easier to buy a piece that with the right care will last for a good few seasons. If you want to invest in some warm and comfortable knitwear this season that will last for years, then read on to find out our recommendations.

The first up is to make sure that you buy something that is good quality, from natural fibres and from a trusted brand. If you’re looking for a piece that’s at a reasonable price from the high street, then you should ideally head straight to Mark and Spencer since they offer a great range of jumpers and cardigans and good prices that are perfect as wardrobe staples. The colours they offer are again great as basics and simply choose a shade that will go with the rest of your wardrobe. This brand boasts wool blend mixes, 100% lambs’ wool and cashmere within their collection, so for a comprehensive choice then check out your local M&S today or browse the range online.

The next piece of advice is to avoid falling into the Novelty Christmas sweater trap that comes along every December to drain our bank accounts with an ugly sweater that you’ll never wear again. Instead choose a wintry jumper that isn’t specifically a festive one; fair isle designs look great on broad shoulders and will look smart and classic at the same time as keeping you toasty warm. Don’t choose an all over pattern, but one that goes over the shoulders and perhaps the cuffs of the sleeves. This will avoid the dreaded ugly sweater look and will have you sporting a trend that will show off your physique and easily hide a beer belly. Just remember to not plump for clashing and bright colours; navy, white, black, cream, dark green, grey and just a dash of red are the best options here.

Finally avoid buying knitwear that is too tight; especially with cheaper brands you can find that the style both stretches and loses its shape after just a few washes, or alternatively it start to pull under the arms, forming holes. You should be able to fit a shirt or a T-shirt with ease under the jumper, so make sure it fits! And by that same token don’t choose a shapeless sack that is too big either!

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