Worst Men’s Fashion

A quick internet search of the worst fashion always seem to come up with countless horrors that have graced the world of women’s fashion in the last century or so with less said about the fashion disasters that have subsequently happened in menswear too! Maybe it’s because men’s fashion tends to change less quickly and is therefore less fickle or maybe it’s because we tend to buy less clothing than women, but whatever the reason it is still true that there have been some absolutely howlers when it comes to menswear choices too.

Unfortunately many of these fashion disasters happen when people are trying to be innovative and fashion forward and you can’t really blame them for trying to add a little je ne sais quoi to their look. And the good thing is that we can always learn from our fashion mistakes and that hindsight is a wonderful thing. If you’ve got a few cringe-worthy photos lurking from your teenage years when you thought a Nike tick shaved into your hair was the height of cool, then you’re probably going to appreciate the following fashion blunders from the past.

It was always going to inevitably make the list so it can come as no surprise that we’ve decided to kick off with parachute pants. Immortalised in the late 80’s by MC Hammer, these ridiculous trousers aren’t a great style really even if you happen to be an Adonis. Moving in counterpart to your own body movements this thankfully short lived trend has been much ridiculed over the years and doesn’t look like it will ever be making a return – fingers crossed it never will!

Yet another trousers failure has to be the tendency that we saw in the mid to late 90’s of super baggy jeans worn so low that they were practically belted at the knee. No matter how designer your underwear is, this trend is a pretty awful one. Not only does it look sloppy, but it is seriously impractical too as you slump along constantly at risk of finding your jeans bunched up around your ankles. This is another trend that is once again best left in the past.

One fashion faux-pas that simply refuses to do is the unfortunately popular tourist look of socks with sandals. Yes we understand that it is seriously comfortable but this trend is basically ridiculous. Either wear sandals with no socks or some actual shoes – don’t go for this weird hybrid that will have you looking like an aging tourist in no time at all.

And last but not least is a fairly recent trend that seems to have (for now at least) faded back into obscurity and that is the deep V-neck T-shirt trend to show your pecs and chest hair proudly to the world. We’re not sure what’s going on here, but it looks pretty tacky and cheap – stick to a nice crew neck T-shirt or a classic polo for a classier look that won’t have you looking like a Lothario!

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