What does your socks say about you?

Believe it or not your socks say a lot about you! These are just some of the findings that weve picked up in a recent survey about socks targetted at men aged 18-40. Do you remmber when Justin Bieber was spotted with mismatching bright socks? remember when Fearne Cotton was seen rocking ankle socks? remember … [Read more…]

It’s Time to Talk About Knitwear

Even though we do love summer, it is often true that it is much easier and simpler to dress during the cooler autumn and winter months. We don’t have to worry so much about sweating and roasting thanks to our fashion choices and can instead choose more practical and of course warmer pieces of clothing. … [Read more…]

Last Minute Summer Fashion

So one of the best and probably the most popular seasons in the year is hurriedly drawing to a close already (why is it that June, July and August go by as quickly combined as the whole month of January?!) but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy picking out some great summer deals to … [Read more…]

Worst Men’s Fashion

A quick internet search of the worst fashion always seem to come up with countless horrors that have graced the world of women’s fashion in the last century or so with less said about the fashion disasters that have subsequently happened in menswear too! Maybe it’s because men’s fashion tends to change less quickly and … [Read more…]

Classic Trend – Chinos

It is an undeniable truth that everyone always harps on about the importance of a great pair of jeans in your wardrobe to pull out for pretty much any and every occasion but their slightly smarter yet deceptively comfy cousin in the world of trousers, chinos, is often overlooked. However if you haven’t looked into … [Read more…]